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of extraordinary businesses.

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Our mission is to create a platform to facilitate the birth of a
global Network of communities where Members, from all walks
of life, can access opportunities to participate in the growth
and profit of extra-ordinary businesses.

Join Europe’s largest community of Business Angels!


Angel Business Club (ABC) is a business club which offers tremendous opportunities for its members. ABC participates in the acceleration of growth and valuation of companies, with its broad expertise, its experience and its network which often prove to be key features of exceptional business growth.

So members take advantage of business opportunities, companies benefit from human and financial capital provided by the Club. It's a win-win collaboration.

ABC is registered as an Alternative Investment Funds in Luxembourg. The corporate headquarters is located in Luxembourg and the operating offices in London and Stockholm. All offers are approved by Orange Corporate Finance Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How that works ?

Angel Business Club undertakes to provide its members with high quality services by :

  • offering great investment opportunities with potential and actual high yields within 3 years.
  • transparency with detailed information on all followed companies, regular information provided via webinars and conferences.
  • customer service to members in different languages, including English.

To join the Business Club, just register and pay a monthly capital contribution of your choice (from 89€ to 990€). It is possible to adjust its level of investment every month or even suspend it.
This capital contribution gives the right to access to club services (investment, portfolio management, information, training, network...). The allocation of shares is done on a weekly basis. This will quickly allow members to build a diversified equity portfolio.

Besides its attributions, other possibilities are also proposed to manage and grow its capital:

  • an internal marketplace to purchase and sell shares (trading).
  • special orders are proposed to purchase shares at an attractive price.
  • access to « Selected Access », a club in the club, offers even more attractive deals.

Want to learn more ?

Watch the official presentation on Youtube.

or to attend the live webinar on Sunday evening, you can register at

To meet the terms and conditions of ABC, this page can't provide more information on opportunities. And this page is only a preamble to all possibilities offered by ABC.

If you want to know more or just form your own opinion on Angel Business Club, you can contact me via this form and ask me your questions. I will answer you objectively.


The registration is simple, fast and free. Just click on this invitation link to register.

Once registered, you can choose your level of subscription (from 89€) to receive your first securities and enjoy all the benefits.

I will send you a welcome email with the latest and relevant information in particular, mailing lists, training videos and all the details of setting up your account. You will quickly be autonomous.

You can contact me directly if you need help or have questions.

See you soon !