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VC Crowd is a private business club for both individuals and professionals. The head office is based in Gibraltar and the operational offices in London and Stockholm.

Venture Capital and Crowd funding (VC Crowd) participates in the acceleration of the growth and valuation of companies, through its wide expertise and experience which often prove to be an essential axis of exceptional growth for companies.

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Companies find there financial capital, human capital (for example strategic services, financial, legal, marketing, technological ...) but above all continuous support and a privileged interlocutor to help them to overcome obstacles in their path.

For their part, members benefit from a range of carefully selected companies. These companies are differentiated in particular by a strong potential for growth and profits, and disruptive innovations, that is to say, they can change the rules of the industry in which they operate (such as Uber, AirBnB, Tesla ...).

Thus, the VC Crowd ecosystem connects investors and companies. It's a win-win collaboration.


Once registered on the VC Crowd website, all you have to do, is to pay a monthly membership fee to VC Crowd.

VC Crowd, which represents the entire members, will lend membership money to Capital Plus Partners Limited. This company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), that is to say the English markets authority. It can thus intervene in England but also throughout Europe thanks to its passport.

Functioning of the financial ecosystem of VC Crowd, IPO, profit, financial intelligence

Capital Plus Partners helps the companies it actively manages by providing funding and/or services. By service, we have to understand strategic, financial, legal, marketing advice… as well as the creation of websites.

In exchange, companies remunerate investor members with stocks or bonds.

These securities are stored with an independent depository (Premium Nominees Limited).

Members receive rights to shares which are kept with the custodian (depositary). From the Club site, members have access at any time to their account and in particular to their assets and past transactions.
In the case of listed companies, it is possible to carry out orders to sell or buy securities through the broker, the amount of the sales being then deposited into the member's cash account. From there, he has his capital and his profit which he can choose to transfer to his bank account, to pay his monthly contribution, to acquire other shares...

My opinion on VC Crowd

New York Stock Exchange

I quickly became interested in the world of finance and the stock market. I realized that it was particularly interesting to invest in companies that were going public.

I did a few trades which, although they turned out to be profitable, were below my expectations, I was pocketing small profits.

The problem was simple, I was an individual and not an institutional investor (bank, insurance, etc.) who, for their part, were served first while benefiting from a discount in price, minimal fees and good information. I could not match and had to out of the game.

Until… until I discovered VC Crowd! Thousands of « small » investors gathered together in the club, lend many « small » sums of money to Capital Plus Partners Limited. The last, with a substantial amount to invest, enjoys the same privileges as institutional investors: served in the desired quantity, as a whole by Capital Plus Partners in the companies.

And this has continued to be confirmed from the start within the Club: I have been able to participate in several IPOs or buybacks. In addition to discovering the IPO process more precisely, it allowed me to better understand the life and stakes facing young companies, the launch of new products, referencing with large retailers, retailers, communications and marketing campaigns, brand ambassadors (football, movies, music stars, etc.).

One of the main advantages for me is that the assessment of companies, the study of their potential, of the market and of the management is fully supported by the VC Crowd environment. Following this selection, the director or founder of the company presents to the members the interest and prospects of his business. You can ask all your questions. Complementary investment offers are often proposed and make it possible to strengthen its equity investment and thus increase its return on investment.

Over the months, my portfolio has diversified with the entry of new companies and has also grown strongly due to company developments and large contracts signed which cause them to change dimension.

It is a real pleasure to sow the seeds of your investments and to see them germinate, increase in value, that they bring the first fruits. These fruits are once again reinvested, it is a real virtuous circle which will allow me quite quickly to realize my projects and why not to become annuitant!

In summary, here are the advantages and limits of the VC Crowd ecosystem:

  • excellent companies with high return potentials,
  • regular review of company news, financial training,
  • reliable ecosystem which has proven itself (effective returns),
  • consideration of members, very good state of mind during events (seminar, travel),
  • variety of investments: company shares (mobile payment application, trendy and calorie-free drinks, on-board camera on roller coasters, superfood for dogs and cats...), bonds, recovery of metals and precious stones (gold, silver, tin...),
  • accessible to all, no financial knowledge required.
Limits and palliatives:
  • high risk: invest a fraction of your savings and diversify your investments,
  • quite illiquid investment: liquidity events are planned in order to exit investments (via an IPO, a buyout by a competitor). It is also possible to sell before term (via the internal trading),
  • requires patience.

Want to know more ?

This page is a preamble to all the possibilities and treasures offered by VC Crowd.

You can deepen this discovery by watching webinars that are updated regularly. You can view them by entering your email. You will automatically receive links to these presentations:


If you would like to know more on current events, operations, events, the next companies to be floated on the stock market, the valuation of my portfolio...
...or simply forge your own opinion on VC Crowd, you can contact me via this form and ask me all your questions. I will answer you objectively by email or phone according to your preference.

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Registration is quick and easy. Just click on this invite link to register. The invitation link will allow you to benefit from a welcome share gift but also to be able to benefit from my feedback and additional explanations to better understand this investment support.

Once registered, you can choose your monthly subscription level (from 89 €) in order to start building up a diversified portfolio of securities and benefit from all the advantages. Two subscription levels are available: £78 (89€) and £199 (229€).

You have a satisfied or reimbursed insurance when you register, that is to say that the club undertakes to reimburse you at your request during the first 14 days of your monthly payment.

I will send you a welcome email to get in touch if not already done and in particular to answer your questions you may have, get you the latest information, mailing lists, training videos and setup details of your account... This will allow you to quickly become independent and benefit from all the advantages of the Club.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you need help or have questions.

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